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Product's History

Our company is a small and family run company. Our strenght is not the quantity but the quality of the product. Our story began in 1992 when we desired a high quality product. We decided to produce it by ourself.

As the years go by, we acquired the experience that let us improve over and over the quality of our olive oil, already excellent thanks to the properties of our soil.

In fact, Valledolmo has an altitude of 700 metres above sea level. This gives robustness to the olive oil. Moreover, the mild temperature of the inland favors the maturation of the olives, improving the taste of the olive oil.

The olives become mature in the second half of October. In the same period the harvesting of the olives begins and continues in November.

The olives are harvested exclusively by hand by our farmers. After harvesting, they are carried in our family run oil mill. Here, we work the olives to turn them into our famous “gold”, our olive oil!

It is our pleasure to share with you our product, with whom you can give more taste to your meals. 
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